General Information


Broadband connections to the Internet provide you a faster way to access the multitude of information available. This also opens up your computer or network to potential problems not present with a dial-up service. Below is a list of things you should review about security and other potential problems. We STRONGLY recommend you keep updated anti-virus software on your computer. With an always-on, fast connection, you can configure your computer to automatically download and install the daily updates to this software. Ripflo is NOT responsible for customer virus problems. Freeware and pay-for services are available. Here are web sites for some suppliers:

Spyware - Spyware are tiny bits of code that websites add to your web browser in the form of cookies (too many of these in your system can prevent you from accessing the Internet or may slow down your connection). Some of these may be required to be used to gain access to sites you’d like to visit; others may be tracking devices to see where you go on the internet. Freeware and pay-for services are available. Here are links to some products that may help you keep your PC clean:

Auto Updates - Your fast connection to the Internet means you can quickly and easily keep up with the automatic updates from Microsoft (such as those for their Windows XP, other Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, etc.). These upgrades are patches to problems that hackers and virus authors exploit to damage your system. It is strongly recommended that you update your software periodically.


Wireless Routers and Networking devices - Ripflo provides fast access to the Internet and does not limit the number of computers on your network. We do not provide support to set up and configure Routers or other network devices. If you have problems connecting these devices to our equipment, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the device for technical support. If the attached device to our equipment causes any service problems, you could be charged $75 for any service visit required to fix the problem.