Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical problems, we advise you to please take the following actions in this order. Your power supply / modem should be shut down first, then your router and then your computer. Wait 30 seconds and restart each piece of equipment in the same order. Power supply / modem first, then router and then computer.

  • Shutdown and restart any affected computer that is experiencing problems.
  • If any sort of router is in being used, power cycle this piece of equipment. This can be accomplished by unplugging the power cable going into your router, waiting approximately 30 seconds, and then placing it back in. This is a problem that can occur quite often.
  • Power cycle the modem / power supply provided by us. Our modems need power cycled whenever a new device has been plugged in. The modems / power supply, as with the routers, need power cycled to clear small issues.

If none of the above actions fix your issue or if you feel uncertain about performing any of the actions, you can reach Ripflo Technical Support at our toll-free number during normal business hours.

Service Calls :: 855-374-7356 (3RIPFLO)

Ripflo provides service calls at no charge to cover service issues that are directly related to problems with equipment provided by or supported by Ripflo and/or tower related service issues. Ripflo will charge a $75 service fee for service calls that are a direct result of problems relating to equipment or software not provided by or supported by Ripflo. Please be sure to contact the customer service department if you have any questions regarding service calls.

Vacation Mode

Ripflo enables customers to take a service break for up to three months. The cost of the break is $15 per month and a reconnection fee of $60 at the end of the period.


It is the customer’s responsibility to keep Ripflo equipment in good working condition. If equipment is damaged by the customer the account will be charged for replacement equipment.

Equipment Return Policy Upon Cancellation - Customer is responsible for returning all equipment provided by Ripflo in good working condition within 30 days of cancellation. A service call must be made to Ripflo to schedule an equipment pick up. If equipment is not returned or is damaged the customer will be charged $450.